How To Inject Insulin
Use a syringe marked with the same units as the strength of the insulin in the bottle.
Roll the bottle to mix the insulin.
Pull the handle of the syringe to the right number of units
4.Push the needle through the top of the insulin bottle.
5. Turn the bottle and push the handle to push air into the bottle.
6.Pull the handle down again so that insulin fills the syringe to the right number of units
7.Pull the needle out of the bottle.
8.Choose the place to inject. Choose different places each time e.g. thigh, abdomen.
9.Pinch the skin up and push the needle at an angle. Push the handle of the syringe down
10.Pull out the needle.
11.Put the cap back on the syringe.

You can use the needle for a few times, provided it is covered after each use with its cap and kept in a clean place and used by the same person. However it is better to safely dispose of the used needles. Keep insulin in a cool place (but not in a freezer). Never leave it in the sun.
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